Wednesday, April 1, 2009

In the pink

So the heinous Heart Learning Network now claim that they will, in fact, refund our money.

Whether they follow through or not remains to be seen, but at least My Beloved was able to actually speak with someone and get a written confirmation that they would indeed honour our refund.

I'm entirely too pessimistic to call this case closed, but at least we're further ahead than yesterday. Hopefully.

And so to celebrate, a pink flower in a funky frame, courtesy of the Reader's Digest Sourcebook (which, by the way, I'm currently adoring), crocheted in Village Yarn Caribbean Cotton.

April 1, 2009

Pretty in pink.


Anonymous said...

Purdy square.

Glad you got maybe satisfaction.

dcbour said...

Out of curiousity, what happened with the Heart Learning Network. They just telemarketed my wife Friday, then showed at the door Sunday night. Guy screamed sleeze so I didn't buy anything, though her reasons for acknowledging them was similar reasons, family of heart history makes one more vulnerable.
The fact that they couldn't provide a brochure, were pushing hard to close a sale tonight, and post followup, the web site is a joke; all lead to me not doing anything.

Melanie said...
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Medi_First said...

I too am curious what happened. I work for a non-profit that they claim to be part of. We are looking at building a case against them.

Any information you might be able to provide to us would be greatly appreciated.

You can contact me at