Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Coffee & Cream

Smell that? It's new square smell. Fresh out of one of my brand new birthday books. Mmmmmmm, new crochet book. How happy am I today?


What I love about this book (Jan Eaton's, 200 Crochet blocks for blankets, throws and afghans) is that not only is it filled with really gorgeous squares (seriously, I salivated my way through it in bed last night and had a terrible time choosing which one to try first today), but it also shows you what squares work best in combination with each other. And how you can collect them all into some really stunning blankets.

Coffee & Cream is probably one of the plainer squares, but I was sucked in by the lovely, earthy colours.

And plus I think I was thirsty at the time...

April 21, 2009

Thank you SO much for this book, Kathy! Clearly I'm loving it.

And now, a little housekeeping:

Carla, the bib pattern can be found in the May/June 2009 issue of Crochet Today. Good luck! It's such a fun little project!

Shinny, I'll totally teach you to crochet - come visit! As for the cake, my sister made it for me. It's the chocolate sour cream cake in Joy of Cooking. She put dulce de leche in between the layers and frosted it with thick chocolate icing. Mmmmmm!

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Shinny said...

I guess I need to plan a trip to Canada this summer then. ;) Guess that means I will finally get my passport reissued. I will let you know when to expect me, as I will also need to find out where you live. Are you scared yet? ;) Kidding!!!