Saturday, April 11, 2009

The saga

In a fit of spring fever (not to mention bargain fever), I purchased a whole bunch of Dahlia bulbs online a month or so ago. I absolutely love Dahlias, but have never actually had any in my gardens before. When I found a $25 coupon in a seed/gardening catalogue, I totally couldn't resist.

My plan is to enlarge and then fill up the little garden that was accidentally created when our brand new Eastern Redbud tree died last summer. We pulled out the remains and returned it to the nursery for store credit, and all that's left is the grassless spot where we planted it last Earth Day.


So that little spot, which doesn't seem to want to grow a tree, will now become my Dahlia garden. hopefully it'll be more successful at growing flowers than it was at keeping a tree alive.

That's a very long way of introducing today's motif which is, of course, a Dahlia hexagon.

April 11, 2009

The growing season is so close I can nearly taste it! And in the meantime, yarn.

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Lauren said...

That is GORGEOUS!! Love it!