Monday, April 20, 2009

I couldn't be more excited...

It's my birthday. And believe me, getting older is not the exciting part. Far from it.

What has me all a-twitter are the crochet books I opened after a delicious dinner of Chinese takeout and two helpings of homemade chocolate cake with caramel filling (okay, that part has me twittering a little too).

Crochet books. Oh, so many yummy crochet books!

I wish I'd started crocheting 20 years ago. I know I don't have enough life left to crochet everything I want to crochet. Even at just 39, I know there is not enough time.

But I sure can give it the old college try.

And I will.

Just watch me.

April 20, 2009

In the meantime, an old favourite pattern (and by old favourite I mean rerun).

It was a cold, rainy day today. And I'm fighting an epic battle with my relentlessly ticking biological clock. And losing badly. So a comfortable, cozy old crochet friend was just the company I needed today, and I greedily indulged myself in its solace as is wholly appropriate on one's very last 30-something birthday.


Shinny said...

Happy Late Birthday! That cake sounds devine! Send me the recipe. ;) I need to come visit you so you can teach me how to crochet all those beautiful designs. I only know one stitch and even after buying the Crochet for Dummies, I still don't get how to do it. Guess I need Crochet for Complete Morons, or something. ;)

dena said...

Happy Birthday(sorry I am tardy). Hope you had a great day.....sounds like it was a fun one:) Again, I am loving your crochet designs......makes me want to start.....but I am sooooooo uncoordinated. I agree with Shinny.....I would need you to teach me:) Happy Day.....Spring is here:) Dena