Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Trip the light fandango

Okay, the pattern book said this is an especially handy little motif because of its portability, essentially. They're small, simple and easy to make on the go, so you can, in theory, amass a whole pile of little fans before you know it.

Why would you make a billion little fans and join them together? To make fabric, according to the book. For, I suppose, blankets and flat sections of garments.

But, uh, if you join a bunch of these together, won't they just look like circles?

Seriously, am I missing something...?

March 4, 2009

See? See what I mean? Won't a bunch of these sewn together simply turn into circles...?


Doodle - said...

I see what you mean, maybe they would look like little shells hooked together.

kate said...

i think you are supposed to join them at the sides, or something like that. There's a pretty crocheted bookmark on Rav somewhere which is something like this. Maybe one of these days i will be skilled enough to make one...