Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A pineapple?

Seriously - that's what the pattern said. Pineapple square, courtesy of 201 Crochet Motifs, Blocks, Patterns and Ideas .

Clearly there's a significant gap in my lace/crochet pattern knowledge, because this looks nothing like a pineapple to me.

I suppose if I did some research I could find the origins of the pattern and see more examples that might help to explain the name.

But I don't feel like it.

March 10, 2009

Great. Now I want pineapple.


Doodle - said...

I'm not seeing it either.

Scrappy_Lady said...

This "pineapple" pattern is very common my my Gma's doilies. It took me forever, from child on, to see a pineapple. Now, I kinda see it, but it looks like 4 pineapples to me.

kate said...

Go to Rav patterns and search 'sexy g-string'. Then you will see the pineapple....amongst other things ;)