Friday, June 26, 2009

A strange kind of day

Because yesterday it was exactly 6 months until Christmas (and I'll find any excuse to celebrate virtually anything I possibly can), I decided to work on a square with a Christmas motif.

But it's a bit of a laborious pattern, and I quickly realized I might not have the time (or patience) to get it done in time for photography and blogging. But I kept plugging along, a backup plan in mind should time run too short.

And then, while flipping mindlessly through the channels after dinner, My Beloved stopped on CNN. Its "BREAKING NEWS" banner screamed from the top of the screen as they reported the strange news that Michael Jackson had just died after suffering sudden cardiac arrest.

And it blew us both away, leaving us sitting on the couch utterly gobsmacked, mouths agape, chins on the floor, feeling the 80s slip further away with each passing second.

All good intentions for a happy little Christmas square flew right out the window.

So instead, I quickly whipped up this deep pink shell sampler while sitting in bed later in the evening. I decided not to worry about not getting it photographed and posted, opting to cuddle up between my old kitty and My Beloved and go to sleep.

June 25, 2009

Life is too short not to cuddle while you can.

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The Nanny said...

How long does it usually take you to crochet these squares?