Friday, June 5, 2009

Moment to moment

Sometimes I'm amazed at the way a pattern magically transforms itself into a really beautiful little piece of art right before my eyes. And my fingers.

Maybe I'm a simpleton, but I don't always pay close enough attention to a pattern to truly "get" how it's going to go from the words and abbreviations on the page to the completed motif I see pictured in the book.

I don't always ready ahead, is what I'm trying to say. So each new round generates an "ah-ha!" moment as I sloooowly discover the way the block is being built.

Which is exactly what happened with this little star motif.

I knew what it was going to look like before I started - I chose the pattern based on the picture in the book, after all. And yet somehow it still seemed to spin and tumble from my fingers in a way that surprised and delighted me at every turn.

This is also the way I watch movies. I'm only critical after the fact, dissecting plot lines, critiquing performances, giving thumbs up or down on my way out of the theatre. While I'm watching the movie, I'm very much in the moment - not thinking too much about what might happen next, no matter how obvious the next twist might be.

But I don't think in the moment is always a bad place to be. I think entirely too much (and not always constructively), so when I find activities that keep me good and rooted in the present, enjoying each tick of the clock without anticipating the next, I fall into them like a great fluffy bed. And relax.

June 5, 2009

Now if only I could find a job where I'm paid to sit around watching movies and crocheting...

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Rosepetal said...

This one is beautiful too. Very pleasing to the eye