Friday, September 4, 2009

The last rose of summer

Okay, this square is not a rose. Nor is it technically the end of summer (not for another 17 days or so). But Labour day weekend has always felt like an ending to me. And even now, more than 15 years since my last official class of any kind ended, I still feel a "back-to-schoolness" in the air. In my air.

I wander around kind of aimlessly during this time, wishing for a reason to by notebooks, paper and a brand-spanking new pencil case. Wishing for a new beginning. Or some sort of exciting new change.

Who'd have thought that not going back to school would still make me wistful after all these years?

And so once again I say, thank goodness for crochet.

September 3, 2009

They won't cure anything, of course, but crochet, wine and chocolate all make excellent band-aids.

This I know for an absolute fact.

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