Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I loved making this funky little harmony square. I love the crisp edges, I love the variegated Patons yarn, I love the simplicity of the pattern that somehow manages not too look as easy as it actually is. At least I don't think so, anyway.

And it's one of those patterns that could, theoretically, go on forever, getting exponentially bigger and bigger. And bigger.

One day they might find me dead on the couch, having suffocated under a 49 foot harmony square. Hook in hand, smile on my face.

But not today, since the block is only about four inches square and I'm almost out of yarn.

I have a friend who is due to have her second baby in March, and I might just make a baby-sized harmony square for her. I know I could simply make a bunch of small ones and sew them together into a blanket, but I'm very curious to see a harmony square on steroids.

January 13, 2009

In the meantime...


Catherine said...

lol! you crack me up! such bright colors...I really like it!

Theresa said...

This is beautiful!