Sunday, January 4, 2009

AND he killed dragons!

It's Sunday, so I thought Jesus might like a cross. Shut up - I've tried everything else, maybe sucking up will work.


Today's block features St. George's Cross. A quick trip to Wikipedia yielded a lot of information on both the man and his cross, so instead of regurgitating history books, let's just say that a lot of European folks have used St. George's Cross on their flags. And if you're not in the Navy, don't fly it on your boat. Okay? Okay.

As for St. George himself, along with allegedly excelling at dragon slaying, he's also the patron saint of skin diseases.

Me? I just like his pretty cross embedded in my pale yellow Sunday block.

January 4, 2009


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kate said...

That's an awesome square, i really like it.