Sunday, May 3, 2009

Going Green

Today we moved what felt like an acre's worth of sod to make room for a new shade garden. In fact, the whole reason for the garden is the shade and its less-than-helpful effect on the health of the surrounding grass.

But I'm secretly happy that the variegated willow and the dogwood are doing so well that they've killed the grass around them. First because it's great that they're thriving, and secondly because it means I get to plant more flowers. This time in the shade-loving family.

And I'm all about dirt these days.

But I'm still about crochet too, and this little mint green circle is from my fourth and final birthday book, 300 Classic Blocks for Crochet Projects, by Linda P. Schapper.

It's pattern #43 in the double crochet and chains section of the book (another book with nameless patterns). The thing is though, it looks very, very familiar (I'm sure I've used a very similar pattern in the past, although I'm too lazy to actually verify this fact).

But it's green and round, and in a gardening/circle-of-life kind of way, it feels appropriate for today.

May 3, 2009

And now I'm off to research shade-loving perennials!

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