Friday, February 27, 2009

Purple haze

Ugh. I hate when the colour doesn't translate well! These two yarns (gifts from a very sweet friend) are two beautiful shades of lavender in whisper soft cashmerino aran by Debbie Bliss.

Unfortunately they look kind of grayish here, but they're not. Honest.

I'm still kind of keeping with the flower motif, even though there's a wind chill warning in effect (which tells me Mother Nature has totally turned her back on me and my efforts to hasten the arrival of spring. Sheesh, you try to help...).

I know it would have made more sense to use green instead of the darker lavender - and certainly would have made the flower theme more obvious - but the two purples (which you can't see properly) look so gorgeous together, I couldn't separate them.

Well, gorgeous in real life...

February 28, 2009

Le sigh.

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