Saturday, February 28, 2009

Deja vu

If you are a Canadian child of the 70s, this motif might look eerily familiar to you...

Remember the flexed arm hang? The 50 yard dash? The long jump?


I think it was the Canadian government's way of introducing physical fitness into the school system, but for kids used to dodge ball, skipping and frozen tag being the extent of the gym curriculum, Participaction was sheer torture. Especially for those of us for whom even that much gym was too much.

And this motif? Well, it looks a lot like the program's logo. The book seems to think it's a celtic-esque motif, but to me it just screams, "YOU ARE SLOW AND UNCOORDINATED!"


I made this without breaking a sweat. HA!

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delphi said...

God, I hated everything Participaction related. :)