Thursday, August 6, 2009

Little art big art

After nearly 8 full months into the crochet odyssey, I've become accustomed to thinking of the daily squares and motifs as tiny little pieces of yarny art. Singular. Individual. Free-standing, as it were.

So wrapped up in choosing colours and patterns for each individual creation, I forget that they could, hypothetically, be part of something much larger. Or, at least, something else.

It makes me look at the pieces very differently when I stop and think of them as parts of a larger whole; a blanket, a pillow, an embellishment on a garment.

I'm glad I see them for what they are all on their own. But it's pretty exciting to think of what else they could be.


August 6, 2009

Who knows what this will become...

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Shinny said...

You should do a picture of all of them together. That might give you an idea of what else they can be when you done.
Ok, I just want to see all of them spread out for some inspiration for myself. ;)
Why can I read a knitting book and teach myself how to knit but I can't figure out how to read a crochet pattern to learn a new stitch? You don't have to answer that. ;)